Greatmoor’s Christmas Heroes


While you are cooking your Christmas dinner, trying to work out the cooking time for your turkey, ensuring that the sprouts aren’t overcooked and making certain the Christmas Pudding doesn’t boil dry, please spare a thought for those people who work through Christmas, ensuring that electricity is being generated to power your ovens, fridges, televisions and Christmas tree lights.

Like all power stations, Greatmoor runs right through Christmas, where the on-duty staff in the Operations Team will be missing out on their Christmas dinners and drinks, and instead will be burning your non-recyclable waste and generating enough electricity to power 18% of Buckinghamshire’s households. We are also providing key additional power to the local grid which will help battle the effects of Christmas Day’s extra demands on the electricity supply.

Between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, approximately 2,700 tonnes of waste will be burned, that’s the same weight as 18,000 reindeer, 337,500 average sized turkeys or 135,000,000 sprouts! Of course, plenty more waste will arrive when household waste collections resume after Christmas.

Everyone’s bins fill up really quickly at Christmas, so please be extra careful to sort your waste well, and ensure that any items that can be recycled go into your recycling bin and that your food waste goes into your food waste bin. That leaves your non-recyclables for Greatmoor!

A Merry Christmas from all at Greatmoor