Ecology and Biodiversity

Biodiversity Mitigation

As part of developing new facilities FCC Environment committed to not only protect the existing wildlife and flora of the areas, but to enhance the habitats with the aim of developing biodiversity resources on the sites.

Before any work-on site happened at Greatmoor, an Ecological Management Plan was produced. This document identified the existing biodiversity on site, specified mitigation measures required and detailed the necessary improvements to species and habitats.



The Greatmoor site was designed to minimise impacts on the existing important species including bats, great crested newts, reptiles, birds and invertebrates, including brown and black hairstreak butterflies.

The habitat improvements at Greatmoor include the creation of 35ha of species rich wildflower meadows, 2 new ponds designed as breeding sites for great crested newts and habitat created for hairstreak butterflies.  This includes the planting of nearly 9,500 m2 of blackthorn scrub and the filling in of gaps in hedges with tree species including blackthorn.