High Heavens

High Heavens Waste Transfer Station

The Transfer Station began accepting waste on the 30th November 2015.

Waste arriving at the High Heavens Transfer Station primarily comes from the Wycombe, South Bucks and Chiltern District Councils.

A new site access road was completed in 2014, also delivering benefit to users of the Household Recycling Centre which shares the site.

The facility has been purpose built to modern standards and so has integrated dust and odour management systems and fast action doors to remain closed when not in use to prevent any nuisance issues affecting local people.

How to find us

Information about the High Heavens Community Liaison Group

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Operating hours

The hours of operation for the High Heavens Waste Transfer Station will not exceed:

Monday – Friday 7am-5pm
Saturday 7am-12noon
Sunday 8am-12pm
No Bank Holidays

The exception to the above times would be on Saturday following a Bank Holiday or following an unforeseen situation during the preceding week (such as adverse weather conditions) the facility would then be open 8am-5pm, up to a maximum of 12 Saturdays per year.

High Heavens Waste Transfer Station

What is a Waste Transfer Station?

A Transfer Station is a specially designed building where collection vehicles deposit waste prior to it being loaded into larger bulk vehicles. Waste Transfer Stations are needed to reduce waste miles, reducing CO2 emissions.

The larger vehicles will transport the waste to Greatmoor Energy from Waste facility in the north of the County.

Why was this site chosen?

The High Heavens waste complex is close to the major sources of municipal waste in the High Wycombe area. The Transfer Station reduces the overall number of vehicles transporting waste around the county.

As well as its proximity to the municipal waste sources, the land was previously used for a car-breakers scrap yard, household waste recycling centre and before that, as a landfill site.

What consideration has been given to impact on the surrounding area?

FCC will ensure strict routing agreements are applied to its own vehicles when leaving the site to travel on to the EfW facility.

All vehicles leaving the site must be covered to prevent litter spread and vehicles have trackers on to help easily identify them in the case of any reported problems.